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Re: When Does a Band Stop Being a Band?

this is an interesting subject, here's my thoughts.

stones? keith has said that it's he, mick and charlie. i don't think there 
would be a rolling stones if any of those three were gone. but they still cut 
it, i think anyone who has seen them on the last couple of tours would give them 
floyd? please. even though david gilmour carried on, a laser show isn't 
enough. especially when the songs don't measure. (my opinion) 
aerosmith, funny how one of the top rock bands of their era turned into bon 
jovi. they have the new 'blues' album coming out. we'll see. if the roots are 
important to them, why have they been putting out (again, my opinion) bubble 
gum for the last fifteen years.
the eagles...they just plain hate each other but hey, let's make a buck.
ac/dc...they rock. same album, same riff slightly changed up, but i love 

i think this question comes up because these guys, this group of bands, 
artists, whatever you want to call it is finally getting old. for the first time, 
rockers are getting old. members dying isn't the issue, it's whether old guys 
can rock. and i think they can. chuck berry can, but he doesn't really have an 
audience anymore, even though i'd give anything to see him live. chuck berry 
is the true king of rock'n'roll. and that's coming from someone who's been to 
Graceland. and we all know pete and roger (and zak, god love him) are MORE than 
getting it done. i know cause i saw it. nobody ever told john lee hooker he 
was too old. and if they did he would have told them, in townshend fashion , to 
fuck off. 

i think we're lucky to have these guys still putting out. maybe i'm 
sentimental, but when something better comes along, i'll be there.

long live rock.