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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 21:47:25 EST
Subject: breathe light
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Thank you VERY MUCH Jon in Mi. for looking out for me, for the millionth time 
it seems.  Thank you for sticking up for me.  I know why you did what you did 
and it was for all the right reasons.  I know that this whole thing has been 
hard on you, even though you aren't likely to admit it.  Thank you for taking 
so much heat to defend me.

Thank you Keets for sticking up for me so much and also taking the heat for 
me.  I very much appreciate it.  I hope we are still on for April.

Thank you Scott for trying to be the peacemaker and for looking out for me.  
Your a good guy.

Thank you VERY MUCH Kevin for looking out for me.  I am sincerely sorry I 
called you and asshole so many times.  I am not sure why you and I are always at 
each others throats, but I know I am sorry for jumping all over you and 
calling you names.

Thank you to Mark L., for looking out for me, even though I didn't know you 
were. But, thank you.

Thank you to ALL of you who were looking out for me. I don't want to leave 
anyone out.  Thank you Paul list-owner and Paul in the UK.  Thank you Jim M.  
Thank you Joe in Philly for trying to smooth things over by singing to us.  I 
like that song.  Pass my thanks to Fang too, since he apparently was working on 
solving the puzzle, even though I didn't know it.  I didn't know any of you 
were working on it, 'cept Jon and my brother until after I did my own 
interrogation and uncovered the truth.  But, I thank you all just the same.

If you guys knew more of the details, it would help clear alot of things up.  
But, I'd like to take a break from it.........I need to put some time between 
me and what happened before I feel like talking about it.  When I do, I'll do 
it off the list.

I made more then my share of mistakes on this list and I am sorry.  The 
internet can be a scary and dangerous place and doesn't bring out the best in 
people at times.

I hope one day I get to meet all of you face to face, especially after all 
this time of this online thing.  It makes it more safe and real to me.  I'd like 
to think I could of spotted a phony or an imposter.  It's hard to believe 
that there are people out there that do those things.  I assume that since I am 
honest, that everyone else will be honest with me.  It still stings. But, more 
then anything I am relieved that I finally know the truth.  I don't want us to 
fight about it and perpetuate it.  I'd love it if we could put this behind us 
and go on to celebrating the Who in harmony again.  One of the mistakes I 
made was thinking we could move on without the air being cleared.  I hope now it 
can be cleared.  I sincerely mean all my apologies and thank you's.

This rounds on me.

Group hug?
Jo :)