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Re: Virusi

> We have a theatre that has nothing but Elvis
> tributes in Pigeon Forge, run
> by one of his old TCB tour members.


I'd heard about that. We have places here which do
tributes, and then a Legends In Concert too. They have
many acts, Elvis among them.
It's amazing to me. "What do you do for a living?" "I
pretend I'm Elvis." "OooooKAY!"
Why are there no Who tribute clubs? Is it because no
one can do it? Yeah...that must be it.

> Cool,  my mom got Elvis' autograph once so I have a
> tour program touched by
> Big E.  I'll have to work up a fee system, 

Yeah, you could open a clinc...because anyone who
thinks something Elvis touched can heal them NEEDS

> This is not a lie.


I didn't say it was. I said I didn't believe you.
That's not the same thing.

> I forwarded the email to you to
> prove it and you can put 
> it into the chronology.  

Yes, you did and I told you I stand corrected.

> and now you're calling me a one.

No, when I call someone a liar I say "You LIE like
George Bush!" So you'll know, if I ever do.

> No one apologized to me.

Not true. I apologized to you when I said it. "I'm
sorry but I don't believe you." Remember? But if you
need another one, here it is: I'm sorry that what you
said didn't seem at all likely to me.

> have feelings and I know who supports who.

So do I. And I also know who has an agenda, and who
does not. Are you sure you know?

> Mark, are you on digest?  All the shouting is pretty
> much over.  ;)


Yes, and it wasn't over when I wrote it. Are YOU on
the digest?

> I don't bite, weah!

Damn, that's strange! Does that mean that Bruce and I
have a virus? I have been getting a lot in my Yahoo
mailbox, but not opening them (it's automatic,

> Well, actually Mark..I..


Yes, I know.

> He's just getting increasingly pissed at seeing me
> take the shit here.

Because it comes from nowhere. Not just you...I don't
like to see anyone take shit here. Unless, of course,
they bring it on themselves.

"One of the common denominators I have found is that
expectations rise above that which is expected."
   George "the most common of all denominators" Bush

Cheers         ML

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