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Re: Rabbit with pre-gig diary.....

In a message dated 3/22/2004 7:55:54 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
kevinandt@xxxxxxxxx writes:
A bit nervous about tonight's gig at the Forum in Kentish Town,
London, but as always, the worry and anticipation is always much worse
than the gig itself. I'm such a worry-wort. Why can't I be an easy going,
relaxed dude. I tell ya, I got nothing to worry about really, but I always
was a worrier since I was a good, so it's normal for me to kick myself
in the ass all the time.....ha

Hmm, maybe Roger should have a little talk with Rabbit about hypnosis.  They 
never lie, ya know.

>Jon is a Maestro!

Aw shucks, Rabbit.  You didn't need to go *that* far. But thanks nonetheless.

Thanks for the forwards, Kev.  

Well, it looks like the Who train is starting to roll.  I know the set list 
is mighty familiar, but this is just the first four shows.  Maybe, -if nobody 
dies, they will get a little daring up there if and when there is a real tour.  
They seem to be a pretty solid unit. I would really like to see them make new 
music from the stage in a much broader sense. Hey, we got a whole song out of 
the last tour's little jam.

Jon in Mi.