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Rabbit with pre-gig diary.....


WHO DAY 1..........MARCH 22, 2004

It's 6 am and I am just waking up in my Hotel room.
A bit nervous about tonight's gig at the Forum in Kentish Town,
London, but as always, the worry and anticipation is always much worse
than the gig itself. I'm such a worry-wort. Why can't I be an easy going,
relaxed dude. I tell ya, I got nothing to worry about really, but I always
was a worrier since I was a good, so it's normal for me to kick myself
in the ass all the time.....ha
Anyway, just wanted to give you a bit more info about my roadie-tech.

Brian Kayhew is my tech for the tour. He's the same guy I used last tour, and
he comes from L.A. You will see him lurking around the keyboards behind me
on stage. A good looking guy for you gals, blonde, tall, young enough to still
beat my ass and steal my women, but he has been warned to fix my keys, and not
to go after
my Who job. 'I' am the Who's keyboard player!.see, I told

He is a genius programmer and does a lot of the programming for several
keyboard companies. Brian made many of the patches for the Moog
series of synths as well as for other keyboard companies as well.
He can also play keyboards great, like John Caron, so could he be my
next threat to my Who job?.......I fucking hope not.....ha.....ha.
This last comment in no way reflects any distrust of Jon Caron or Brian,
Jon Carin is my friend and only other keyboard player I like sharing the stage
with. You all remember him from the Quadrophenia Tour. Jon is a Maestro!

The real deal, and Brian nicely fits into that categorie too, but I prefer to
Brian behind me working away at 'my' keyboards, not playing his along with me.
Only Jon Carin can do that......
The B3 Hammond I will be using this trip is one that belonged to John
He owned it, but kept in his studio at his Mansion, away from prying eyes. So
you see me onstage with the Hammond, think of John Enwtisle.
This is the 1st time I've ever seen it, but it's one of the early B3's from
years ago, and since he never played it, it's in mint condition.

So I will be playing John Entwistle's Hammond Organ, just to keep his name
alive, yeah?.
The organ is an old valve type, none of this digital circuit crap, so it
like a a bull let loose in a rodeo. It bucks, snorts, and kicks like hell,
and I get the pleasure of riding it...yee-haw!!!!
It's a pretty blonde type beauty as well. As soon as I walked into rehearsals
I went straight over to her and said, "My, my, my.....aren't you a pretty
and what a lovely big ass you have too. I'm gonna play you over and over and
I am gonna give you as many orgasm's as I can, so get ready to rock and roll."
The crew busted out laughing.
So today I am gearing myself up for a good time tonight.

Have a great time to those who are going to
the gig.
I will give my own report of tonight's gig for you to read, probably tomorrow,
so keep reading the diaries, ok ya'll?
Have a great day, wherever you are.
John Rabbit Bundrick

I think with all the work Pete and Roger are doing on the new album and songs,
we'll be looking more and more to Rabbit for tour insights.

I'd be surprised if we hear much from Pete this round.  Hoping I'm wrong.....

Kevin in VT