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Re: ORW and Darkness on the Edge of Town

In a message dated 3/22/2004 6:38:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
peter_dennis_blandford_townshend@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Well, the horror of such wandering, pointless, meandering, pedestrian 
> melodies
> and lyrics crammed in spaces too small, with bloated AMERICANA subject 
> matter
> makes me wanna go the way of Moonie or Entwistle.

you have just insulted me and i'm sure others on this list who happen to be 
fans of springsteen. it's not just "born in the USA" y know. and that's not 
even a patriotic anthem. if ya ask me, his lyrics are very passionate and the 
music that accompanies it just makes it even more like it. and his "power chords" 
by the way are definitely influenced by the who for he said it himself one 
time in an interview. and he really works a sweat when he's onstage, to this day 
he does. so what more do you want?