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Re: Insanity on the high seas

In a message dated 3/20/2004 5:02:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bushchoked@xxxxxxxxx writes:
When something is posted, the person who
posted it is responsible for what he/she/it decides to
make public. If Jo didn't want to be called on what
she wrote, she should have kept it private. THAT is
the bottom line.

That much is obvious.  The private email to me was put up on the list by her, 
that's why I felt compelled to tell the story. I never said that Kevin was 
the one who did this, I just said that Kevin was the one that privately 
contacted so many-because he was so concerned about her. 

Hmm.  What other route could have been taken?  If I could do it all over 
again, I would delete one step.  Telling Kevin.  Then Johanna would still trust 
me, the list would know nothing, and you wouldn't have to defend your buddy.

I didn't ask for, nor did I need Kevin's "help," as a 2 minute search under 
"Heather Daltrey" told me all the facts that I needed to know to destroy 
Ollie's crazy story. Having a busy life with a real family, I never took the time to 
do this, because I really didn't care that much up until this point.  

 Among other things, she claimed to have been married to Roger between the 
years '73 and '78.  (I told Jo to find this specific info out from Ollie the day 
I got serious about it after reading Jo's anger post) I found that Roger has 
been married to Heather since around 1971. Easy.  I never got into this before 
because I really didn't care who he was married to or when he was married to 

A day or so later this person confessed to Jo and I told Kevin about it.  He 
jokingly said that he wanted credit for it and wanted Jo to know that he 
didn't hate her. I forwarded his message to Jo and told her that Kevin helped me 
and I told her that it was cool of him to say that he didn't hate her. I let 
Kevin know that I forwarded his email not so he could get credit, but so she 
would see the nice thing that Kevin said.

When Jo returned to the list without dealing with her last post it all 
started up again with Kevin's demand for an apology. Then Jo sent the stuff to me 
*on list*. 

Here is the apology for my part in this: I'm sorry for contacting Kevin. 

Now we know it is all just nonsense. And by "nonsense" I mean what Ollie 
pulled, not what Jo or anyone else called anyone else. Jo has to take 
responsibility for what she puts on the list just like anyone else does.

Jon in Mi.