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Re: Insanity on the high seas

In a message dated 3/20/2004 7:01:31 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bkawak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Amen, can you folks take this to private email? Trust me the rest of us
could care less about whatever it is and my delete key finger is sore.

Bruce, I agree with your request, but since we've been around for years, and 
this was a very strange occurrence that could cause some of us to leave the 
list, it sort of had to be worked out on the list for a few volleys so everyone 
could be on the same page.  Whether we can all be big enough to allow that to 
happen remains to be seen. I'm up for it.

Jo, one of our listers was lied to horribly and then threatened not to tell 
about it out of some weird pathetic need for attention.  It is out now and we 
can get past it.  We should learn to give eachother some slack. We don't always 
know what others are going through in their private lives. 

Remember list unity? We're on the same team.