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RE: when will this end.

I don't quite understand what "dishonesty" and "crap" you mean, Kevin. I gather that you mean the unpleasantness here has reflected on you. Likely we need apologies all around, as everyone has participated in spreading the private conversations, Jon and I as well as you.

Still, I'd feel better about it if we could discuss things without getting so heated about it, and also without dragging the whole of private conversations onto the list.

That said, I'd like to apologize to Jo for discussing her private business on the list. I hope we can get back to more fun and friendly discussions again right away.


>>But, what the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
>Nothing that I can see. You brought it up, and I gathered you thought it
was fairly sinful.

What's "sinful" Keets is all the dishonesty that you guys have been
spreading and landing here on this list.

> We should ALL be chatting about this in private.

I want no part of your crew's private chats.
Not a bit.
No fucking way in hell.

Have fun.
Invite old Ollie Cat.
Have a blast.

Just try and let the last 2 times you guys have landed all this crap on
list, to be the very last.

Kevin in VT

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