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RE: when will this end.

>From: "L. Bird"
>Subject: RE: when will this end.
>I don't quite understand what "dishonesty" and "crap" you mean, Kevin.

Gee, what a surprise.

>I gather that you mean the unpleasantness here has reflected on you.

Right, Keets.  You're so clever.

>Likely we need apologies all around, as everyone has participated in
spreading the private conversations, Jon and I as well as you.

Fuck you.
I'm worried about your demeanor as of late, Keets.
Have you considered seeking counseling??

>Still, I'd feel better about it if we could discuss things without getting
so heated about it,

Tell that to your buddy who you talk about behind her back, and is slamming
me with names, for reasons she can't even articulate or conjure up.
I don't take that lightly, and I indeed resent it.
Maybe now that I've let your gang's cats out of the bag, she can see the
whole picture, and re-assess her attack on me.
When I fuck up, I apologize.
Don't think for a moment that I'll be holding my breath.

Oh, and here's the original concept Keet...

Butt the fuck out!
You stated yourself that you're not involved.
Why not keep it that way.

Kevin in VT