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RE: What in *the* Hell?

>From: "L. Bird"
>Subject: RE: What in *the* Hell?
>>She <Ollie Cat> sought out a lister and engaged in a campaign of mental
and emotional
>>control and manipulation.
>Well, if that's so, then maybe you're right. I don't have enough
information to say much about it. But on the other hand, do you?

All I have is what Jon has told me, and......here's the kicker, .....what Jo
has posted on the list.
Her "Fuck The Who, Fuck Pete, Fuck Everyone" post pretty much painted a
picture for me.  I'd say there was clearly control and manipulation going
Enough so to have caused concern in Jo's own brother.

I'm done.
Leave me out of this going forward.
I've explained my involvement.  It was to help and protect.

If you all want to have a pj party with someone like Ollie Cat, indeed, do
it in private, and leave it off the list.
Don't ever contact me with any of your guys crap.

Your world is alien to me.

Kevin in VT