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turning on a new fan

>From: Steve
>Subject: turning on a new fan
>Steve here in Canada - snowed last night.

Here too!  Finally!  Actually like 12-14" over the last 3 days.  Been out
rippin' Sugarbush with RGLB playing in my head.
I chuckled when I jumped into some glades at the lower elevation and started
to feel some contact with branches (low base)...my first thought ... "only
fools rush in?".

> I pick up a Live at Leeds 25th anniversary CD. Pass it to him. Tell him
that this is the best live album ever released. You want a Who album, buy
this. Turn it up >loud. Listen.
>He asked 'really?' I say I've been listening to it loud since about 72. He
says thanks, walks over to his mom with it, and they head to the cashier.
>A good day.

I love when I have the opportunity to do this, and also love hearing about

Spread the word!
Kevin in VT