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turning on a new fan

Steve here in Canada - snowed last night.

So, I was in Vancouver this week on business. Checked out Virgin Records (so over priced - can you think of Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' not remixed, on sale for $25.99 CDN, I mean,come on, who is making all the $$ - almost drive me to bootlegging, but not quite - although I didn't buy anything)

Point being...at the Who rack - a fair space taken up by their albums - a young teen - say 14 or so, is browsing - already a collection of various CD's in his mitts. He picks up a Who CD, turns it over and over, puts it back. Does the same with another one (Sell Out, and My Generation). I interrupt his process - I pick up a Live at Leeds 25th anniversary CD. Pass it to him. Tell him that this is the best live album ever released. You want a Who album, buy this. Turn it up loud. Listen.

He asked 'really?' I say I've been listening to it loud since about 72. He says thanks, walks over to his mom with it, and they head to the cashier.

A good day.