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>> Just curious...is anyone planning on buying these?
>> http://themusic.com/encore/thewho2/
>I'd like to know the setlists first, before I buy. I >assume they'll
>still be available for purchase *after* the shows.
>- - SCHRADE in Akron

I must admit I put in my order for the RAH show straight away - even though I don't know the setlist, or how good it will be.  I'm just intrigued by the idea of an acoustic Tommy, as well as seeing what The Who sound like this year.

As for the rest of the setlist, I would imagine there would be a few of the normal songs (MG, MB, you know the rest...)  These may possibly be acoustic too...?

But best of all, I'm quite confident they will include new live versions of ORW and RGLB.  And this makes this CD a "must have".

Watch out if you order from this site though: the default delivery price was around #15 - just as much as the CDs again.  I chose the cheaper delivery, which was just a few pounds (and only a few days longer to wait).

This is going to be an expensive Who month for me: RAH CD; I've got my eye on the Singles box set (but not the Then & Now compilation); as well as, finally, the KAA DVD.


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