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Re: Hits and Diamonds. They're not the same thing.

In a message dated 3/16/2004 7:34:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
JOELTLE515@xxxxxxx writes:
remember when the original lineup of KISS did 
their first studio album in like, so many years in 1998? they didn't write 
like, "oh he was a real good looking boy" or about God or whatever, they sang 
about a "psycho circus" and it debuted at no. 2 on the charts and eventually 
went gold. ok, not platinum, but gold nonetheless. 


My point exactly.  Gimmick city.  What quality songs came of that album? 
Psycho circus.  Insane Clown Posse is selling pretty good too.  My wife's boy 
loves that shit.

>>and when george harrison 
made a "comeback" in 1987 when the hit cover of "got my mind set on you". 

He was a Beatle!  Besides, 1987 was 17 years ago.  That tune was very upbeat 
and catchy. Not deep. A pop song.  With a video.

>>old geezers" don't sell albums, its the songs that sell the album. 
santana is another great example.

He used current pop guest stars on his album to get the stuff out. It worked 
great for him but not for Mick. Maybe The Who should back Justin Timberlake on 
a pop song to sell The boy who heard music.  

>>no offense, but i've heard new songs by the 
likes of david cassidy which contains lyrics that sort of resemble the lyrics 
to RGLB. I rest my case.. 

Offense taken!!  Are you suuuure you are a Who fan? 


Jon in Mi.