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Re: Hits and Diamonds. They're not the same thing.

Insane Clown Posse is selling pretty good too. 

I don't think they are.  haven't seen any of their videos nor heard any of
their songs and they're not high in the charts right now.   I think "psycho
circus" was actually a good album. maybe one or two songs I didn't agree with,
mostly a good album. and "into the void" is a must-hear.

He was a Beatle!  Besides, 1987 was 17 years ago.  That tune was very upbeat
and catchy. Not deep. A pop song.  With a video.

even though he was a beatle, he still didn't have a big hit since like, the
late 70's I think. his career was going downhill until 1982 when he released
the (wrongfully) flop "gone troppo". so therefore, even though he was a
it didn't help his music career at that point, although his film career was
pretty steady (he started "handmade films" which released films like "time
bandits" and...some others. ha!) but I do agree, "got my mind set on you" was
upbeat, not about getting old, and catchy. and ironically, it was a cover of a
song that dates back to the 1960's. if these "old geezers" can release a song
that dosent have anything to do with getting "old and wiser" and things like,
"after all the music and the madness", and maybe songs like, you know, about
something else, perhaps they can have a hit. who knows?

He used current pop guest stars on his album to get the stuff out. It worked
great for him but not for Mick. Maybe The Who should back Justin Timberlake
a pop song to sell The boy who heard music. 

and maybe Justin can lift roger's shirt during their halftime performance at
the super bowl and....oops. sorry. ; )     well, mick's song with Lenny
kravitz was more of a real rock song than santana's "smooth" with rob thomas
remember the classic rock station over here playing that song all the time
when it
first came out, so it did get some airplay). and let's remind everyone that
Lenny's last album, which was released around the time mick's was, didn't sell
very well. "smooth" was a very catchy pop song with some latin rhythms thrown
in and despite hearing it so many times when it was THE song of the year, I
still can't get tired of it if it comes on again. such a good song, I must
and i'm happy for santana's newfound success.

Offense taken!!  Are you suuuure you are a Who fan?

haha! yes I am.  I just don't like the direction the new music is going. I
wanna hear something like, "quad" meets "my generation", both lyrically and
musically. but I guess you can't force someone to do something they don't
wanna do
ay? let's hope the other songs are at least SOMEWHAT better.