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Documentary To Show Pete's Arrest

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Townshed: Under arrest

Who star's arrest in documentary
by Derek Robins

The arrest of The Who star Pete Townshend is to be shown in a BBC2
documentary on the work of policemen who investigate child abuse.

The makers of Police Protecting Children were filming the child protection
squad from the Metropolitan Police when Townshend, 57, was quizzed last 
year about the downloading of child porn. They said he behaved "with

Townshend said he visited a child porn website once for his autobiography 
as he believed he was abused as a child. As a result he was cautioned and 
on the sex offenders' register for five years.

Producer Bob Long told TV Times: "What you see is a living legend reduced 
to being a suspect in a paedophilia investigation.

"We filmed him in the custody suite. He looked absolutely shattered. You
really feel sorry for him. 

"We have part of the police interview as Pete gave us permission to use 
it. He handled himself with dignity and explained himself very well."

Long says the arrest is a warning to the curious: "Don't be curious - it 
will destroy your life."

Townshend's arrest is just a small segment of the documentary, shown on 
March 23.

The powerful three-parter was shot over 18 months and the opener includes 
an investigation into the death of a girl of five.

Long said: "Seeing the pain and distress on the faces of kids being abused 
is haunting."


- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism