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Re: More comments on new tunes

	>From: "Schrade, Scott"
	>Subject: Re: More comments on new tunes 
>Are they great songs?  You bet.  Have any of those songs set the "rock
>world" on fire?  No way.


>Do they mean any less to me, or to you, because they're not a part of 
>the "rock pantheon" of groundbreaking pieces of music?  Fuck no.

*FUCK* no.

>Can RGLB & ORW take on the majesty of past Who songs?  "Ordinary" songs
>like the ones I mentioned?  Of course they can.  They already have.

Damn boy, you're on a roll as of late.
No offense, but get the fuck out of my head!

>That chorus, slow & delicate as it is, sticks in your
>mind.  It's as catchy as any recent slow Aerosmith song.  And those get
>airplay.  Jon was right:  it's "whistleable."

Ok, I'm checking my home and office for bugs.
I was going to send a quick (ha!) post today titled simply "It *is* in head".
For the past few mornings, the very first thing I'm thinking of is the chorus to RGLB.
First thing!

I dig it.
My wife digs it (and she ain't no Who push over).

>I think Pete's on the right track.  "The Who remain 
>The Who, & The Who remain on rails."

Right again.
That said, I do have a part of me that yearns <snicker> for that "driver'.
That, 'grab you by the throat and beat the shit out of you' song that just *can't* be ignored.
But, that yearning is a pretty selfish thing, in that I desire that more for acclaim reasons than for musical satisfaction reasons.
I'm already satisfied.

Satisfied, but not full.

Kevin in VT

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