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Re: More comments on new tunes

> There's an interesting discussion on Exile to Whoville where folks 
> are complaining that the new songs sound too ordinary, and saying 
> they wouldn't listen very long if this weren't their favorite band.

I've heard this argument used on several occasions now:  If this 
weren't The Who then these songs wouldn't warrant any attention or 
special consideration.

But this *is* The Who.  It's impossible to simply separate the history
of the band, or, as fans, our own investment of time into this beast
that is The Who, & look upon these songs with vacuum-like objectivity.

Not every song The Who has done has been a "classic."  The Who have 
created *many* ordinary songs.  Brilliant songs, yes; but, ordinary,

"Dreaming From the Waist" is an ordinary song.  "Is It In My Head" is
an ordinary song.  "Legal Matter" is an ordinary song.  "Sally Simpson"
is an ordinary song.  "Love Ain't For Keeping" is an ordinary song.
"Our Love Was" is an ordinary song.

Are they great songs?  You bet.  Have any of those songs set the "rock
world" on fire?  No way.

Do they mean any less to me, or to you, because they're not a part of 
the "rock pantheon" of groundbreaking pieces of music?  Fuck no.

Can RGLB & ORW take on the majesty of past Who songs?  "Ordinary" songs
like the ones I mentioned?  Of course they can.  They already have.

> I think this is the reason I'm predicting that these songs will stand 
> up well because of the quality but NOT become huge hits. 

I still don't understand why you feel RGLB isn't radio-hit worthy.  It's
got a real hook.  That chorus, slow & delicate as it is, sticks in your
mind.  It's as catchy as any recent slow Aerosmith song.  And those get
airplay.  Jon was right:  it's "whistleable."

> There's just no musical hook to attract attention like the best selling 
> Who songs have. 

Where's the "hook" in "Love, Reign O'er Me?"  Where's the "hook" in
"Behind Blue Eyes?"

Hook shmook.  Sometimes authenticity sells.  Sometimes honesty wins the

> Has Pete forgotten how to do this?

We've heard two new songs.  Two.  One of which has a bitching, rock-out,
balls-to-the-wall ending.  Let's see what the *full* album entails before
we give up all hope.  I think Pete's on the right track.  "The Who remain 
The Who, & The Who remain on rails."

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism