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Re: The new tunes. Afterglow.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Kevin O'Neal"

> Forget all the "will it be successful", "it's not rocking enough", "there
> will not be mass appeal", "there *will* be mass appeal", "maybe there will
> be mass appeal?"  "They're too slow." "They sound like Roger's album."
> "They're 80-is."
> It's funny, I'm not thinking along any of these lines, or even close to
> them.
> I'm dwelling on the immediate emotional response that I've felt.
> It's been strong.
> And, from reading, I'm apparently not the only one.

My computer at home crapped out a few weeks ago, and I'm still waiting for
my replacement.  So, I get into work today and see 60 messages on the Who
list.  Hmmm, what's going on?  Holy shit, the new songs are out.  Get
iTunes, have a few listens while reading what you guys are thinking.  Shit,
is it noon already?

OK, first, I've got to agree with Kevin here.  Right now I really couldn't
care less if these songs are ever played on the radio.  In fact, I think the
only reason I would ever care is that it might mean more Who songs down the

Overall, I need to hear these songs on a better sound system to really know
what I think.  I would definitely like to hear Pete's voice more.  Would
have been nice if he took a verse on ORW.  I like Roger's vocals a lot.
Sure his voice has matured, but it's less obvious on the new material than
when he's trying to sing the stuff he sang when he was 20.  Zak fits in
beautifully.  Great ending to ORW.  Love the jam and the way it ends with
Roger's vocal left hanging in the air.

Jim M