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Re: The new tunes. Afterglow.

Hey Who Fans,

I too have purchased RGLB and ORW from itunes.   I became an itunes
user about 4 months ago so it was really convenient.   Thanks to Jon
for pointing out their availability there.

I like the songs.  I played them for my kids.   I really can't add much about
the songs that has not been already said by Jon, Keets, Brian, Kevin or

I will add that it is simply wonderful to be discussing new Pete Townshend
material with Roger, Rabbit, and Zak contributing.    In the not too distant
past, topics ranged from foreskin to proof of god, child porn and creationism
vs. evolution.    These are all fascinating topics but pale in comparison to
new Who2 songs!

I wonder how these will sound live next week.

Joe in Philly