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Re: A rush to judgement......

stepped back from my emotion to look at how these songs "may" play in public
for real. They won't make it to the current rock station. Not heavy enough.
They'll be on the classic rock format where the baby boomers go. They won't make
it to the top 40 hit stations because they are too mellow and deep and you
can't dance to them. The people that listen to these stations buy the records.
I think.

This kind of song is playing somewhere (I don't listen to radio). Did I mention that Roger and Pete ALWAYS know where serious music is going. Remember John Ondrasik singing "Superman" at Concert for NYC? Pete has skipped over all the old fans and gone for the youth market here. ;)

Ok, so like Lela said, they MUST get at least one Rocker with hooks on this
album to catch people's attention and to get them to buy the record. When they
buy the record one thing will happen: They will listen to it long enough to
hear the rest of the songs and they will learn to appreciate them. They are
great songs! The crust of the norm just has to be broken through. People aren't
shallow because they don't have the capacity to appreciate good stuff, they
are shallow because they have been conditioned to be that way. So we are gonna
change society here. Lela get on it. I'll be right behind you. (Kevin and
Scott, you dogs, don't snip that!)

Heheh. It'll be a big job to re-educate Whofans. Clearly some of them are still stuck in the MY GENERATION era. They'll have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. :P

BTW, I notice that modernism is back in architecture, interior design and fashion (haven't checked art). Does that mean that it's back in music as well? Is it the newest upcoming trend? Maybe we can stick with MY GENERATION after all.

But seriously, I do think the album needs at least one up-tempo piece where Who2 can show off their expertise and provide some of the uplift that Who albums generally have. Likely there will be one--past albums seems to have a little something for everybody.

Pete's songs grow on you. They certainly did on me and that's what has kept
me as a fan for so long. When these songs are appreciated by new people,
these new people will want to know what else the Who has put out. "Hmm ... what
is Tommy about? Quadrophenia? What is that?" and so on. This band is deep!
They are not only deep in song content but in their entire catalogue.

Who music is classic music that is timeless. Under this category these two
songs certainly fit the bill.  People just have to learn to know that it is
there and what it is...

Meanwhile people are going to grouch around. The tracks are really taking a beating over on alt.music.who.


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