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Re: The new tunes. Afterglow.

> I'm up Lela!

Fine.  Just don't hurt her.

> I twiddled with the knobs this morning.....


OK, enough with the off-color jokes.

I've heard the new songs several times now.  I - Mr. No Download -
downloaded them.

Neither song blew me away.  They're OK.  The melodies are catchy.
Both are pretty slow.  Sort of in a WBN vein.  RGLB especially.  It
has a "How Many Friends" feel to it.

ORW has an up-tempo, rockin' coda, as Jon pointed out.  I like that
part a lot.

If you're looking for hard, loud, aggressive Who - this ain't it.  Like Jon
also said, the songs are dominated by the lyrics, & hence Daltrey.

Daltrey does a decent job.  Voice sounds a little strained at times.
Mature.  Weathered.  Some nice phrasing.  Very passionate.

The bass is nonexistent.  I can't even hear bass notes.  And this is through
my big MTX 800-watt stereo speakers.  Fucking OX - dying like that.

I think RGLB is the better of the two songs.  I could even see it getting
some radio play.  It's catchy in a slow, melancholy way.  

Obviously, I'm not too pleased with all the God-talk towards the end of
RGLB.  It's like a George W. speech.  Pete's unneeded crutch shines 
again. <sigh> Poor, weak man.

The line referencing "only fools rush in" gave me pause.  Reminded me 
of Pete's internet "mistake."  Wonder if it was added after the fact.

Zak sounds good on both songs.  Nothing too fancy.  Solid.  Rabbit 
sounds *really* good.  He adds much to the songs.

There are moments of Pete-ness in the guitar parts.  Moments when
those powerful, distinctive chords lash out.  Nice to hear.

Obviously, I'm still digesting these songs.  I'm sure I'll have more shite
to say about them later.

For now, I'll say they're OK.  Not "holy shit" fabulous.  Not dreadful,
either, by any stretch.

Like I said, RGLB is catchy.  Sounds like FM radio fare to me.  I
could easily see that one making some sort of dent.

Goddamn OX.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism