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Re: The new tunes.

In a message dated 3/13/2004 12:02:31 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
pkeets@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
We need a whole song that moves along at that pace and with that drama.  No 
need for much in the way of lyrics or vocals--just the barest structure of a 
song.  Take that theme and run with it, maybe.  Look at how much of Baba 
O'Riley is just music.  Great instrumentals on TOMMY and QUAD, too.

I took the songs and listed to them with my sons.  It really is a different 
thing when listening to them around new ears.  They agreed that they are great 

My boy then took out some demos of an up and coming group called "Paperstreet 
Saints" (watch out for these guys) that he wanted me to hear.  (His drum 
instructor is the main dude in this band and the drummer that was in Sponge back 
when they had a hit in the 90's  -he made the demos in their entirety.)  It 
sounded like what could be on the local rock station right now and it sounded 
awesome but  not *too* heavy like the Godsmack type stuff that I am so sick of.  
Middle of the road Rock but with great beefy tone and the drumming was top 
notch.  I bet you will hear from this band.  I told Jonny to get all the drum 
lessons he can while he still can.

My point in mentioning this is that I asked my son what the songs were about. 
He said I don't know at all, they just sound cool.

It seems that Pete and Roger made sure that the *words* were at the forefront 
in these two songs.  The music supports the words, but if you don't get the 
message, it will just be some nice music and nothing special.  Pete is a deep 
person and I think that many of us are deeper than the norm and that's why we 
put our time in here.  I don't think that the general public will buy it.
I'm sure they know this and there are many more slots to fill on the upcoming 
album and the time to do it.  It was a good strategy to see how these do on 
the greatest hits package.

I would like them to do a "hit" type of song or two for the album to sell, a 
la Pinball Wizard, just to keep them making albums filled with songs like 
these two. 

Jon in Mi.