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Re: The new tunes. Afterglow.

Have you got any criticisms, Jon?
Ha ha. Do I ever? I didn't meant that as sarcastic as it sounded. I'm gonna
just enjoy for a while that fact that these are not duds. They are the kind
of songs that will hold up and last for ages. They're not gimmicky or poppy
or cheap. I don't sense that Pete is trying to sound like anything. It is
just wonderful melodies that pour out deep meaningful feelings.

Wonderful, eh? This is what Pete has been doing on his best solo work, and I'm glad he's done it now under The Who's trademark. I'm expecting it will get more attention and wider circulation. :)

In RGLB you can sense the excitement of youth being quenched by the opinion
of the shallow embarrassed elder -the one that should have been giving him
love. He saw a good looking face and felt good about himself when he looked at
himself in the mirror. -Until he was told otherwise.

And all the time, Pete really was beautiful. You look back at those old films, and he's just gorgeous. Well, okay. Maybe he's an ugly duckling. ;)

This prepared him for a life of finding out the truth about himself. He met someone who didn't care about his "ugly" face. Then something came from above that made it all
irrelevant. God's grace. This is something given without earning it. We just receive
it. It is a gift. Not a reward. This is *true* love. Sweet sweet sweet love.
This made him feel like the good looking boy that he really was inside. God's
opinion canceled out the shameful label that he wore his whole life. How

How soon do you think we can get this on the radio? :):)

I'm up Lela!

Heheh. I can tell. :) I think lots of Whofans are tonight.


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