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Re: The new tunes.

I hope. But these just don't seem like radio hit material. They're not up
tempo. However, they both give you a wonderful feeling of hope. I like what
RGLB is about. This is "Pete's" song. The subject matter probably will be lost on
the general public though, sad to say. It's a long song and drags just a bit
at times. The bass is low as well.

Yes, I think there may be some trouble here. I tried them out on someone who isn't a huge fan, and had a hard time getting her to sit down and listen to the music. It's too slow and cerebral, I think. There are some really nice effects if you sit and listen to it, but the overall tune isn't something that attracts attention. Somewhere on the new album, Pete and Roger need to supply something with musical drama that moves along and captures attention.

Old Red Wine is the one that has the best chance of success because of the
sound. Just incredibly spine chilling. It's the tip of the hat to John. Classy

I admit I'm seriously out of touch with what flies on the radio these days, but this one didn't capture my attention either--at least until the ending. We need a whole song that moves along at that pace and with that drama. No need for much in the way of lyrics or vocals--just the barest structure of a song. Take that theme and run with it, maybe. Look at how much of Baba O'Riley is just music. Great instrumentals on TOMMY and QUAD, too.


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