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roger informercial

well, to be more specific, it seems theres a "Legends of rock n' roll" 7-CD 
compilation available via TV offer (and w. credit card order, a bonus CD and/or 
DVD) and daltrey and that woman from vh1 classic (who interviewed roger when 
he was doing the "rock n' roll fantasy camp") are hosting it.  it was on the 
TV guide channel (prevue channel. the channel that shows ya what's on TV and 
they have like trailors and ads above it).   it might appear on a different 
channel in the future, who knows? they usually don't tell you exactly what 
informercial they show, just "paid programming".   not a bad collection by the way, 
and they did show some who footage ("won't get fooled again" from shepperton 
and a brief glimpse of daltrey from the 67 smothers brothers show)

in conclusion: roger's career has come to this?!