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RE: The new tunes. Afterglow.

"She said son, you're an ugly boy. You don't really look like him....

..Now I know how so-called beauty lies. God gave him a face and He gave me
something above. God gave me grace. And He gave me sweet, sweet-sweet love. You
make me feel I'm a real good looking boy..."

Lovely song. It's going to be haunting. :)

Now let's rip them apart...

Well, I've been grumbling a bit already. ;)

Pete's mistake on Iron Man (and John's on The Rock) was not to sing on all the tracks. Where's the harmony here? Did Roger have to do this all by himself? >:|

This song is okay without the heavy bass, but how are they going to fill in for it when they need it? Synth?

I guess there's no real need for Who2 to sound like Who1, but the bass has always kind of driven the songs. It's like a trademark that they need to consider keeping, I think.

Have you got any criticisms, Jon?


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