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The new tunes. Afterglow.

 Saturday March 13, 2004 12:25 AM   (NEW!) 

>Cut from my post on Pete's site.

I downloaded them both (full length)and have been listening to them over and 
over. I'm past the initial euphoria of hearing what I wanted to hear for 22 

They sound very mature in the good sense of the word. Very melodic and 
beautiful. You'll be able to whistle these tunes.

Keith is not there. John is not there. These songs are by TheWho2. But they 
were still written by Pete Townshend and sung by a very clear Roger daltrey. 
Rabbit's keys sparkle and Zak is solid throughout just like on the 2002 tour. He 
does fills that are reminiscent of Keith at times.

They are both sad songs with a positive ending. I choked up a bit while 
listening to the words of both of them. The melodies support the words 
fantastically. I love these songs. I would love them even if they were not by The Who.

"She said son, you're an ugly boy. You don't really look like him....

..Now I know how so-called beauty lies. God gave him a face and He gave me 
something above. God gave me grace. And He gave me sweet, sweet-sweet love. You 
make me feel I'm a real good looking boy..."

Now let's rip them apart...

Jon in Mi.