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Re: 1989 tommy video and then some more!

> "Dig" is horrible & their cover of "Fire" is
> horrible. 


For some reason, Yahoo only sent about half my
message. I don't think those songs are horrible, just
not promising for an entire album.

> And I promise you if Jane's Addiction opens 

IMHO Strays is their best, pure solid Rock album. Have
you heard it? It's the best thing I've heard since
Melon Collie.

> occasions that Pete did play electric, you could not
> hear it.


I'd forgotten about that, but you're right. Pete was
obscured by the other instruments.

> There was no jamming as I
> remember during the main set.

Yeah, it was a very structured tour. Too bad.

> At the time it seemed cool, now as I look back it
> seems way too overproduced.

I find that's true about most of 80's music, however
much I might have liked it at the time.

> BUT,....Pete *was* playing an electric guitar.  A
> Rickenbacker.


It sounds too "bright" for that, but I can't be
definite as it's not the best quality boot and I don't
recall what he played in which song.

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