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(no subject)

Well, after Kevin's last post, I just have to leave, this time for good.

There is no point in me being on the list.  I have so much stress right now 
in my life, why should I subject myself to more?

Kevin is an ass.  He has to disagree with everything I say even if he 
secretly agrees with it.  You are an asshole Kevin!.  Everyone can see how perturbed 
I am lately and assholes like Kevin are just going to use that against me and 
I don't need it.

But, the main reason is this: My feelings towards the Who have changed.  Not 
so much about Roger, but about Pete.  It was just a fantasy I had that Pete 
would care about the stuff I tried to do to help.  But he doesn't.  I wish you 
guys really knew what he thinks of the fans.  I do know and it has eventually 
ruined everything for me.  I hear his songs, it hurts.  So, why listen to his 
music anymore? 

 I can't imagine living life without their music, not yet.  So, right now I 
am not going to completely remove everything Who from my life, but I'm telling 
you, the passion is over for me.  The love I had for them is tarnished and 
poisoned and causes me pain.  Their music used to be source of great comfort for 
almost my whole life but it is no longer that.  Some people on this list just 
make that even worse.  Plus, there is alot of stuff that has occurred behind 
the scenes with Pete that ya'll aren't privy too.

So, for the last time, I have to leave.  I think the ones that care about me 
will want this for me and the ones that don't like me obviously will too.

Signing off  from IGTC once and for all.