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let's dance

"Fuck the Who"
"Fuck Roger"
"Fuck the Fans"

"I've had enough of living
I've had enough of dying
I've had enough of smiling
I've had enough of crying
I've taken all the high roads
I've squandered and I've saved
I've had enough of childhood
I've had enough of graves...

Get a job and fight to keep it,
Strike out to reach a mountain.
Be so nice on the outside
But inside keep ambition"


"I've had enough of bein' nice
I've had enough of right and wrong
I've had enough of tryin' to love my brother

I've had enough of bein' good
And doin' everything like i'm told I should
If you need a lover, you'd better find another

Suspicion takes the place of trust
My love is turning into lust
If you get on the wrong side of me you better run for cover"

I loved Scott's post about Pete's hands.  It really struck home.  Of course, 
nobody worships me the way they worship Pete.  But, I can really relate to how 
Pete feels.

"Fuck the Who"
"Fuck Roger"
"Fuck the Fans"

I recently have had this overwhelming urge to just throw everything I have 
Who-related out, after I completely destroy it into little pieces, even my 
Who-related relationships.  Fuck them!  Fuck everyone!!!

I can so see how Pete just get's pissed off.  "Pete is gay", "Pete is crazy", 
"Pete is wishy washy", "Pete is moody", "Pete is a fuckin weirdo".  What else 
can Pete say, but "Fuck you!!!"  He can't get a break.  No matter what he 
does, everyone has to pick it apart and analyze it, like everyone knows Pete 
better then Pete knows Pete.

I can relate to Pete in that when he writes he opens up about his most 
personal thoughts.  The most personal things about his feelings he pours out into 
his songs.  How painful it is to do that and then have everyone around him 
shouting "Pete!  Your a fucking weirdo!!"

But, he is Pete Townshend, a fucking god figure to some.  However, he is 
still a person and nobody likes to open up their inner soul and then have it 
stomped on.

But, there is one of Pete's qualities that I totally and completely respect.  
That is the fact that when someone offers him wisdom and caring advise, he 
listens.  That's cool.  That's fucking brilliant in fact. When all else fails, 
and their is no one left to turn to........that's when things start making 
sense to me.  Too bad we have to be completely broken down to figure it out.

Jo <I wonder if Pete get's migraine's too..........my head is fucking killing