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Hi all,

Let me just say a huge Thank You! to the person who suggested that Europeans might be sympathetic to the trials and tribulations of pregnancy... At RAH on Monday night, I debated whether or not to find a scalper ticket or plea for the sympathy of the "stewards," and cheapness prevailed. By pleading "light-headedness" I was able to parlay my gallery/standing ticket to one of the best seats for The Who that I ever had! I was ushered down to a box, one level above the stage, on the Pete Townshend side, where I saw everything! 

The show itself was amazing. Just seeing The Who in London and at RAH was a dream come true. I got the impression that they didnt perform Tommy b/c Roger was sick. He kept telling the audience how he woke up that morning and had no voice. Pete chided "Its all about you isnt it? All about Roger Daltrey...Well, what about him?" (Pointing to some guy in the audience.) Later, when Roger explained that he was only able to sing b/c the Dr. pumped him full of drugs, Pete said "Well, Im glad to see that youve finally come clean about your drug addiction." Over all, Roger seemed to be making the best of a difficult situation and by the end of show smiled and laughed. He forgot a key line in "Sea & Sand," but sang a great verse in "The Kids Are Alright"  I wonder if it was written by Pete. By contrast, his verse was a little lame: You have to pick your kids up at school. Thats the rule..." Other than that, Pete was blistering. Coming out in sunglasses, windmilling, jumping and
 machine-gunning the front rows. Im not a big Pino fan myself. But, Zach kept hurling things along. "Real Good Looking Boy" sounds fantastic live. Wonderful! And, the jam in "Old Red Wine," which is really all they play, is hot!

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