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Re: 1989 tommy video

Well, well, well.  What do we have here?  A newbie to the list.  Please,
introduce yourself,.....ML, is it?  How long have you been a Who fan?
Are you a boy or a girl?  Do I detect in you a "southern style" of writing?
I think I do.  If I had to guess, I'd say you live in the.......oh....... 
the Myrtle Beach area?  Am I close? 

> Consider...aren't you just as glad there isn't a Who
> album from 1989? I'd hate to think of what it might
> have been. Probably too much like Steel Wheels.

Then again, on the plus side, it would've been another Who studio album
with Entwistle playing on it.  We missed out on that.  But, if it would've
been in the same vein as "Dig" & "Fire," then sod it.

Anyway, welcome to the list, ML.  Nice to have a newbie like yourself
here.  You shouldn't have any trouble with other list members.  We used
to have this asshole named Mark who posted a lot, was very rude, owed me
$80.00, & has since disappeared.

But don't worry.  If he comes back & starts any trouble - I'll take care
of him for ya'!  Think of me as your big brother.  OK, ML?  OK, newbie?

(I'm gonna drag this joke out for at least a month or two.)

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism