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Keepin' it real in the spotlight.

>From: SicilianMother@xxxxxxx
>Subject: I'm baaaaaaack
>And Kevin, if I use the toilet in your bathroom to take a dump while 
>your in the shower, will you jump in my bed too?  Doh!!!!

Ummmm, no.
Also not sure how my bathroom and your bed would be in the same house, let alone part of the country.

>Sorry, one of us is married.......... ;)

Yep, happily married.
My wife kicks ass.
Don't let it be yours.

>From: "Schrade, Scott" <sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Pete's Hands
>But that's never been Pete.  He is human in his art.  And that intrigues 
>me so much more than plastic mediocrity.  Pete is real.  I am real.

I was reading your post and thinking to myself "But Scott, Pete's real!  You don't want a 'clown' up there, do you?", and then you said it....."Pete is real".
"Be kind, be real, or get out of my face."

>And yet he goes on.  Something still pushes him forward.  And we watch.
>And we stare.  And Pete's poor hands get sorer & sorer.  And we continue
>to stare.

8 out of 10 respondents said "Because I want to see what he'll do next.."
(no implication that Stern=Townshend intended...)

Keepin' it real, 'out in the field'......s

>Pete wanted to take some of the spotlight
>off of himself.

I think the loss of Keith really rocked Pete, and the entire equation that was The Who.
For all the talk of Pete wanting control, he really wasn't comfortable with the burden of having to carry The Who all by himself.  I'm sure he felt a bit like Sisyphus (sp totally butchered, I'm sure).
Keith was such a visual and audio draw to the crowd.
With Keith gone, the spotlight was square on Pete.  
'How can you do it alone'....

>Organisers have decided to allow the DVD release after realising bootleg-
>gers were making money from it - but none was going to charity. 
Wow, that was fast.
Got to wonder if that was already in the works.
Or, where's there's a demand....

Kevin in VT (where Medical Marijuana was supported "overwhelmingly" in recent election)

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