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Kids reunion

I got my KAA DVD back the other day after lending it to someone.  I popped
in Disc 2 and decided to watch WGFA from a few different angles.  The one I
really liked was angle 4 (Pete Cam B).  You focus on Pete, but can also see
Moon and Roger most of the time.  Some cool things I noticed were:

At first I was confused as to why the film quality kept changing during the
song.  Then I realized, where the camera angle is used in the actual film,
they have spliced in the restored version.  So those segments look a lot
better than the rest of it.  That way you can quite easily identify the
shots that you've never seen before.

In the film, Pete drags his pick up a string, making a screeching sound and
you can see his finger is bleeding.  On Pete Cam B, you can see where he
slashes the finger hitting one of his power chords.  He looks at it and puts
it in his mouth and then seems to have blood on his lips after that.  He
must have really sliced that thing up pretty good.

At the end of the song, Pete picks up a cymbal, tosses it in the air and
lets it hit his guitar like he's putting a board through a circular saw.
Careful of those fingers, Pete!  That part is in the movie, but on Pete Cam
B you get to see how the cymbal got there in the first place.  Moonie just
kind of flicks it off its stand dismissively.  It's not really that
dramatic, but I just found it really cool.

You also get a really good shot of Pete's running slide that he does during
the Yeeeeeaaaaahhh, which is in slow motion in the film.  In the fixed
camera versions it is shown in real time.  I'm speculating that the reason
it's in slow motion in the film is that there's no way Pete kept playing
during the slide.  He seems to get his hands on the guitar when he needs to,
but he's landing on his knees and then flat on his back.  I don't want to
start a whole "best I ever had" conspiracy theory thing, but I'm pretty sure
they had to dub in some guitar there.

One place they definitely did dub guitar is on the soundtrack.  After Pete
gets up from his slide, and just before the climax, there's a little spot
where they seem to get out of sync and Pete just kind of strums a few
chords.  I think that's left that way in the film, but on the CD there's
some extra guitar thrown in to fill the void.

Anyway, it was just great to get my hands back on the disc.  If you haven't
played with the camera angle thingy, it's really fun.  I also noticed that
one of the audio feeds available there is Ox's bass line, so you can listen
to that while watching any of the camera angles.  It really lets you see how
John's playing fits in with what Pete and Keith are doing.

Jim M