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RE: Bend Over !!

What is the current degree of belief in the reports of "the last year of The
Who" ??

And, can *anyone* confirm what the text of the article in the London Evening
Standard is?

Here's an idea: I they continue as The Who Group, they may have to contribute half the income from any new work to Keith and John's estates. The Who Group was fine to handle the royalties from old music, but if they're going to issue a new album, they need to consider the legal rights.

If this does turn out to be the reason for calling The Who quits, then I could forsee some problems in a situation like the Quad tour. They start out as Townshend and Daltrey and when sales are weaker, promoters start attaching The Who name. Then the estates sue for part of the revenue, etc. See recent Doors tour. Hmmm.


Posted by Max on Relayers:

C4 Teletext page 351, subpage 9/11

The Who's new album will mark their last year together,
says Roger Daltrey.

Daltrey told London Evening Standard: "We're determined
to give our last year in this business the best shot we've got.
We're still a great band."

Daltrey said it was "kind of weird, working with Pete Townshend
on the first Who album since 1982. He added Keith Moon and
John Entwistle live on at gigs. "We can still feel both of them
when we play," he commented.


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