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Pre show get-together for the RAH

I hope to meet up as in 2002 with some friends and fans prior to the RAH 
concert in March. 

Although myself and Catrin will not be staying in London this time round, we 
plan to drive back home, it would be great to meet up for a while. 

The various Who internet forums are giving a few suggestions, so I thought it 
would be good to put the likely gatherings locations here. 

1/ Queens Arms 30 Queen'S Gate Mews 
London SW 7 5QL Tel: 0171 584 6900 

(This is within easy walking distance of the RAH, and is in South Kensington 
itself, located in a quiet Mews of the area, it is literally minutes walk from 
the venue. It was the main meeting area for the 2002 RAH show, and will be 
where myself and others will be heading) 

2/ De Hems Soho [140 B9] 
11 Macclesfield St W1 
Piccadilly Circus station 

(Again frequented for a few Who gatherings, most recently for the pre/post 
Convention gathering, also for the earlier day drinking meet prior to the Queens 
in 2002, some stayed here, others moved onto the Queens Arms) 

3/ SHIP LONDON W1F 0TT Wardour Street, Soho 

(if you want some Who type history to your pre show drinking then this place 
might be for you, still frequented by film. music and artistic types, this was 
a favourite watering hole for The Who when playing the Marquee, and after 
this period also. Loud and lived in, not that easily reached from the venue, but 
good for atmosphere and beers) 

Please feel free to add further suggestions, but I will add it would be good 
to all meet in one place in particular, my vote is and goes to the Queens 
Arms, friendly, great beer, great location, and I am sure they will stick on a Who 
CD to get us in the mood. 

Take care 
Andrew (~Rees)  

"As you can see, an encore is impossible.
We have drums everywhere. As they
go to the dressing room, please say an incredible
thank you to The Who."
                                  Compere Jeff Dexter
                                         The Oval 18/9/71