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Re: Album of the week

At 06:35 PM 1/17/04 -0800, you wrote:
Sure, let's do MBB&B.

Gotta get points for the cover of the vinyl, The juxtaposition of the 'now' and 'then' with colour and black/white.

Favourite song on the original (when I first bought it). ICSFM - always been one of my favourite Who songs - probably my first 'favourite' Who song of all times. Now still the same, or possibly 'The Seeker', or 'Substitute'. Do I have to choose?

Least favourite (originally, back when I bought the album) Pictures of Lily. Just didn't really like it, followed by 'Happy Jack', which I felt was a cheap ditty of no value. , now? Pictures of Lily, although I like its topic - raise the issue of a taboo into the public eye...