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Re: Album of the week

In a message dated 1/17/2004 9:31:26 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
carrieanne79@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> <<how are you doing since your accident. been thinking
> of you.>>
> I have more range of motion in my foot and ankle now,
> and the swelling has really gone down.  If it
> continues to improve I might not need to have a third
> surgery, this one on my heel tendon.  I can put a
> little weight on the foot now, and I'm able to go in
> the pool at the local Y for some of my physical
> therapy sessions, since I can take my boot on and off
> with velcro straps.  The bone on the right side of my
> leg is all healed, but the one on the left side is
> still a bit broken.  
> I'm actually feeling a lot better after remembering
> all of the inspiring and eloquent things my favourite
> writer has said about ultimately being glad that he
> was in prison and labour camps for eight years; it
> gave him a chance to really think about why he was
> alive, gave him a lot of courage over the next few
> decades when he was being hounded by the authorities,
> and that confinement of any sort, whether prison,
> labour camp, or a broken leg in my case, can make you
> a better person and cause a rebirth of sorts.  After
> remembering all of that, I'm more than able to get
> through the last month or so of this condition!

glad you  are coming along.  hope your legs all heal up soon .  you have a 
good attitude about things that will make you get through this.  god bless.