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Re: IOW- I'm going


> And today it's been announced that the Manic Street
Preachers will be
> supporting The Who. Great to see a good band on the
> supporting the
> best. Got my ticket booked, who else is going from
> Roger.

I'm going.  Still searching for cheapest airfare.  I
will be getting my 
tickets soon and will be camping out on the Island. 
Hopefully I'll be 
able to get there to see the Stereophonics on Friday,
as well.  We need 
to get some list people together for pre, during, and
post show 

I'm going and would like to meet some of the U.S.
listers. When i say some, i'm not being choosey here,
if you get my drift; but the ones who are going. We
are staying in Cowes. Too old for camping now. Hope to
meet the regular brits too. John, John, and Jon.etc.

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