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Re: IGTC Who List 10 Years Old?

> I took over the list in Aug of 1993.  

A bloodless coup.

> It lived at cisco.com and mpath.com before moving to it's current home 
> on igtc.com in 1996.

So, technically, it's been around since the '50s then? (One of the first
heated threads was should the then 13-year-old Daltrey keep the Teddy-Boy

> Alan's participation predates my own and goes back to the days when it 
> was run at ucsc.edu.

So, Alan's an old fart.  That's what you're really trying to say, isn't
it?  Don't mince words, Paul.  Is it true that computer screens were really
just modified Etch-A-Sketches back then?  ;-o

Well, thanks for all the info.  Either way you slice it, IGTC, or what
eventually became IGTC, has been around for quite a while.  A toast!  To
The Who Mailing List!  And to Paul!  And to bloody Alan!  ;-)

- SCHRADE in Akron

Mars is now our sand box and we are ready to learn. 
    - Charles Elachi, NASA