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Re: IGTC Who List 10 Years Old?

Schrade, Scott writes:
> > I took over the list in Aug of 1993.  
> A bloodless coup.
> > It lived at cisco.com and mpath.com before moving to it's current home 
> > on igtc.com in 1996.
> So, technically, it's been around since the '50s then? (One of the first
> heated threads was should the then 13-year-old Daltrey keep the Teddy-Boy
> haircut.) 

Rumors that I had an original einiac in my garage are unfounded.

> > Alan's participation predates my own and goes back to the days when it 
> > was run at ucsc.edu.
> So, Alan's an old fart.  That's what you're really trying to say, isn't
> it?  Don't mince words, Paul.  Is it true that computer screens were really
> just modified Etch-A-Sketches back then?  ;-o

I think Alan & I are pretty close in age.  Etch-a-sketch?  Heck, back then 
computers were so primitive, we didn't even have ones, only zeroes.  When we 
needed a one, we had to hammer a zero flat.

> Well, thanks for all the info.  Either way you slice it, IGTC, or what
> eventually became IGTC, has been around for quite a while.  A toast!  To
> The Who Mailing List!  And to Paul!  And to bloody Alan!  ;-)


- Paul -