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Re: IGTC Who List 10 Years Old?

I took over the list in Aug of 1993.  It lived at cisco.com and mpath.com
before moving to it's current home on igtc.com in 1996.

Alan's participation predates my own and goes back to the days when it was 
run at ucsc.edu.  Any other listers from the old "wholist"?

- Paul -

Schrade, Scott writes:
> Paul,
> Has the IGTC Who Mailing List reached its 10th birthday?  The archives
> begin in March 1994 but it looks as if the list was active before then.
> Alan, you're a senior member (!),......any idea?
> Should we plan a party?  ;-)
> - SCHRADE in Akron
> The Council For Secular Humanism
> http://www.secularhumanism.org/