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Re: Net Blamed For Rise In Child Porn

Scott wrote:

>But is it helping to *sustain* the abuse? Helping to propagate it? That's the question.

>What about the money they pay the distributors in order to see it?

Certainly the payment for product is sustaining it, and
therefore helping to propagate it.

>> Just as we are not linked to the beating of Rodney King
>> whether we viewed the video of his beating on the news,
>> or taped it and view it each day as a way to get off.

But.....what if you paid a small fee to acquire the videotape, & that money went to a white supremacist group?

Are you selling? ;-0 I kill myself sometimes!

Seriously, the small fee (payment) is the key.  That's
the thing that bugged so many people about Pete's
credit card use.

>> The idea that someone can be arrested and charged for
>> looking at something (peeping Toms excluded) is very >>odd.

>I agree. Rules are rules, though, I guess.

There's that *rules are rules* phrase again.   I guess
I'm just a rule-breaker at heart.   They really have
to make sense to me.  Yeah, I'll follow them because
I don't want to get thrown in the slammer, or cause
economic hardship on my family or get fined repeatedly,
but secretly I don't agree.  I try to change the rules
that don't make sense to me.  That *no turn on red*
rule at the intersection where I live is one I've been
fighting.  Someday I will be liberated from that @#$*ing

Joe in Philly

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