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Re: Net Blamed For Rise In Child Porn

----- Original Message ----- From: "Joe Lewinski"

> Seriously, the small fee (payment) is the key.  That's
> the thing that bugged so many people about Pete's
> credit card use.

I don't agree.  I think a habitual user who never paid a cent could generate
more than the $5 Pete paid by providing the sites with enough hits.  If
guilt was as simple as payment, Pete would have been charged.  He wasn't
because he was shown, through an extensive police investigation, to have
only accessed the site(s) in a very limited way and also because his history
of working with the problem makes it obvious that his motives were well
intended.  Intent was what mattered to me.  If they had found evidence of a
pattern of visits or downloaded images, even if he hadn't paid, it would be
a lot harder to believe his story.

>  That *no turn on red*
> rule at the intersection where I live is one I've been
> fighting.  Someday I will be liberated from that @#$*ing
> light!

Might I suggest a screwdriver and a small stepladder?

Jim M