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Re: Net Blamed For Rise In Child Porn

> The demand side in this case, is *not* performing the
> abuse no matter how you slice it.    

But is it helping to *sustain* the abuse?  Helping to propagate it?
That's the question.

> Their desire to view the material (for many reasons) 
> does not link them to the abuse as such.   

What about the money they pay the distributors in order to see it?

> Just as we are not linked to the beating of Rodney King 
> whether we viewed the video of his beating on the news, 
> or taped it and view it each day as a way to get off.

But.....what if you paid a small fee to acquire the videotape, & that
money went to a white supremacist group?

> The idea that someone can be arrested and charged for 
> looking at something (peeping Toms excluded) is very odd.

I agree.  Rules are rules, though, I guess.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism