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Re: Fooled again?

I don't think people from the UK (or at least 15 other countries with whom 
the US has visa arrangements) are subject to the new fingerprinting/photo 
procedures.  Makes this kinda moot, eh?

Bruce in Naples

> >I might be naive, but what would they do if they found out it was pete 
> >townshend who was arrested and set free of child porn charges?
> That should be a moot point now that he's received his "long-term" work
> visa.  He's allowed into the States to work.  The people who scan his
> fingerprint &take his picture at the airport cannot refuse him entry.  
> Only the people who grant the work visas could've done that.  And they
> didn't.  They gave him the green light to travel to the States.  The 
> fingerprinting &picture taking is solely for anti-terrorism, homeland
> security measures.