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Pete's Picture as The Ferryman

I really enjoyed Pete's short diary entry and have been studying his picture.


Nice picture!  Good resolution.
I hope I look that good when I'm his age.
Blue water, blue eyes.  Cool!
I wonder if he has an acoustic guitar on board with him.
Imagine him lighting up the bay at night to a stirring rendition of Drowned.
Is his rig a mono-hull or a cat?
I see the support of what appears to be a bimony or canopy to keep
the sun rays in check.
In his diary entry he says he was outside of France in September, 2003.
Does this mean that he was able to travel outside of the UK at the time?
I guess you can go anywhere you want if you're under your own power...
I have a shirt just like that!
Joseph obviously digs his father and who he is.   Lucky boy!
I saved the picture, and the link has the url name as PeteAtSeaByJose.
I wonder if Jose' is Joseph's nickname?
Pete wants to convey that all is cool in his world, but he chose a picture
from 4 months ago to do it.   No significance there I suppose...

That's all for now.

Joe in Philly