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Re: Fooled again?

Bruce, re

> > I don't think people from the UK (or at least 15 other countries with
> > the US has visa arrangements) are subject to the new
> > procedures.  Makes this kinda moot, eh?

Yes they will be. And worse still, from October 26th any British visitor to
the US will HAVE to travel to London or Belfast to obtain a visa to enter
the United States as the biometric passport demanded by the US is simply
beyond the capability of the UK Government to introduce. And this will
happen each time a Briton wishes to travel to the States.

For the majority of US residents, the equivalent would be that all US
visitors to Britain would have to travel to either Washington or Seattle to
obtain a visa to travel to Britain.

I think it's an appallingly thought out move which will cause harm to the
relationship between the people of America and Britain.